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Has been proven to help relieve pain through the physical removal of waste products from the muscle. When a body is massaged blood flow is increased taking oxygen and nutrients to the area of pain.


30 min.   40.00                 45 min.   60.00           60 min.    75.00


Essential oils                   add 10.00

Hot Stones                              15.00

Deep Tissue

Deep intense treatment. focusing on specific areas of pain or discomfort.(NOT FOR RELAXATION OR FOR YOUR FIRST MASSAGE)

30 min. 40.00                  45 min. 60.00              60 min.  75.00

 Essential oils                 add 10.00

 Hot Stones                            15.00




The "REAL" Hot Stone Massage

Melt away you aches and pain with the healing power of Hot Stones.

45 min 70.00              60 min 85.00


 Essential oils                       add 10.00



Pre/Peri/Labor Massage

Has been proven to help reduce stress and discomforts of pregnancy. These include; fatigue, pain caused by weight gain, water retention, hormonal changes, the relaxing and loosening of tendons and ligaments, pain in the hips, low back, wrists, ankles, neck and shoulders.


30 min. 50.00                                                          60 min.  75.00


Swedish/ Relaxation 
 General relaxation and reduction of physical, emotional and mental stress. Non deep treatment, With no specific area of focus.
30 min.   40.00               45 min.   55.00                60min.    70.00
Essential oils                                                     add 10.00
Hot stones                                                                15.00
Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is a laying of the hands, to channel healing energy through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki treats the whole person body, mind and spirit. Creating a sense of relaxation, an open awareness, feelings of peace and security. The treatment is given on a massage table fully clothed.


45min- 60 min        75.00
With crystals                                                   add    10.00
Healing Attunement                                                45.00
Ancient Hot Stone Healing
Combine the healing power of Reiki and The Hot Stones and melt away your stress, be relaxed and rejuvenated. The treatment is given on a massage table fully clothed.
60min 85.00                      Healing Attunement  add 45.00
Geometic Stone Healing
Combining Geometric Healing stones with ancient hands on healing techniques to bring your body back into balance.
60min 80.00
Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers. It does not matter that I have never met the receiver or that I don’t even know what the receiver looks like. 

By using Reiki in this way any number of people, animals or events can receive Reiki.  The person receiving the treatment doesnt have to come in to my office. They can be at home, hospital, surgery anywhere to feel the benefits of reiki
30 min. 30.00
Life  Coaching/ Spiritual Direction
 The coaching process addresses what is going on right now.  In each Life Coaching or Spiritual Direction session, I will help guide you into connecting with your truth.  

My services are confidential for your privacy and comfort 

sessions last 60-90 min.


Packages 6 sessions  410.00 

1 Session 75.00 




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